FalCon supported High-Speed Video Cameras


Following types of High-Speed Video-Cameras are supported:

FalCon supportts High-Speed Kameras of AOS, HS Vision, Microtron, Lighting, NAC, Olympus, PCO, Photron, Redlake/IDT/Kodak, Vision Research und Weinberger.

The advantage of FalCon software is in the comfortable control of high-speed video cameras via Ethernet or Fibre-Channel with a single tool. Unrestricted mixed-mode operation of all cameras in one test is possible without losing the features of a given manufacturer.

The automatic picture-download as well as the optimization of sequence images such as white balance, gamma, contrast, sharpness and ink coverage results in a discharge of the user.

Automated generation and compression of AVI files ensure a quick creation. Also inserting text, current values as well as logos in advice contributes to convenient visualization.

List of Supported Camera Types

Integration of other camera types is possible on request.