Falcon etra Tracking-Plugin

Tool for Reduction of Jitter
as Add-on to QuickView

TrackingPluginMovieJumps.jpg Figure 1: Movie with high vertical jumps extra_tracking_plugin/Tracking Figure 3: Effect of steadiness control
TrackingPluginMovieStabilized.jpg Figure 2: Stabilized movie

Often images recorded with onboard cameras on high-g sleds suffer from bothersome jittering.

To see more in details and to recognize the „real“ movements in a movie camera vibrations are compensated with the help of the FalCon Tracking-Plugin in online- as well as in offline operation. The steadiness control uses reference markers to stabilize the image sequence.


No analysis expertise is necessary; the auto-marker-tracking can be run even during the AVI creation.

Therefore it is possible by using of ImagerControl combined with the Tracking-Plugin (in an automated operation) to control high speed cameras, to download raw data and to process the steady movies.


Technical Framework