Falcon etra

High-Speed Video Software

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Technical users of high-speed imaging and digital video technology.
Typical tasks are the qualitative check and the quantitative analysis of motion processes:

Main features

The system FalCon etra offers the following functions especially adapted to the requirements in the crash area of the automotive industry:

Program modules

FalCon etra contains modules for image acquisition, video processing, visualization of multi-media test data as well as for analysis of image sequences. FalCon etra covers the whole range of tasks in impact testing, and supports all available standards.

The following program packages may be combined individually and can be licensed separately. They are integrated within a uniform MS-Windows compliant user interface:

ImagerControl Camera control and readout
AVI creation, QuickLook AVIs, ISO-MME support
Load-Balancing of multiple processing clients, remote control options
QuickView Camera control (ImagerControl Basic), image optimization
AVI creation, compression, and post-processing
Viewer for AVI and measurement data
Standard file formats (MME, ISO, DIAdem®
FrameMerge Comparative views: Cross-fading of AVIs
MovXact Analysis of image sequences:
2D measurements and tracking,
Marker types: MXT, DOT, QUAD, COR, PIX,
Space and time calibration,
Output of results into overlay or diagram
Mov3D Extension for 3D analysis:
Photogrammetric triangulation based on multi-camera views
Mov6D Extension for 6D analysis:
Motion of rigid objects by means of one single camera
MovBag Analysis of airbag image sequences:
Automatic measurement of contour graphs,
Evaluation of specific measurement values
CamFolder Image analysis software:
Calibrate cameras and measure distortions (ISO),
Folder file with camera/lens combinations

Technical Framework