FalCon etra Mov6D

The 3D Analysis Software by 1 camera

The image analysis software Mov6D offers you the possibility to analyze 6D motion of rigid objects by the means of one single camera. The 6D parameters contain position (x, y, z) and orientation (ω, φ, κ) in space.

A so-called 6D object consists of at least four markers, whose geometry to each other must not vary (= “rigid” by definition). You just have to enter the pre-measured control point data into the program, which determine the geometric model.

Using the 2D module MovXact you track the markers of the object in one monocular view. Photogrammetric methods enable you to calculate 6D trajectories, which are relative to a start value or to a superordinate coordinate system.


Main features

and as contained in Mov3D:

6D From Tip to Toe


mov6d.2.jpg mov6d.3.jpg

Necessary Data for successful 6D analysis:

control point data of an 6D object m6d03.png
Tracking data: image points of a 6D object
image sequence
(per view)
m6d04.png m6d05.jpg
Calibration measurements
image sequence of test target +
camera - lens - data +
control point data in ASCII file

m6d06.png m6d08.png m6d07.jpg
► 6D measurements
Control point data +
tracking data of points +
calibration measurements
m6d10.gif m6d11.png

Technical Framework