FalCon etra Mov3D

The 3D Analysis Software

The image analysis software Mov3D offers you the possibility to analyze 3D motion of dynamic recordings.
For this you track objects in several different stereoscopic views with the module MovXact. Subsequently the 3D curves are calculated based on photogrammetric methods.


Leave the Plane: 3D is much more than 2D


Main features

Data necessary for successful 3D analysis:

control point data m3d03.png
Tracking data: control points and unknown points
image sequence
(per view)
m3d04.png m3d05.jpg
Calibration measurements
image sequence of test target +
camera - lens - data
(per camera)+
control point data in ASCII file

m3d06.png m3d08.png m3d07.jpg
► Position measurements

3D control points with tracking data +
calibration measurement
(per view + per image)

► 3D measurements
tracking data of unknown points +
calibration measurements +
position measurements
( n * 2D → 3D
m3d10.gif m3d11.png

Pre-conditions for 3D measurements

Technical Framework